About Us
Opened for play in 1929, Country Club Estates Golf Course, as it is known today, was originally named The Geneva Lake Yacht and Golf Club. Originally intended as an 18 hole golf club, it was agreed at the 1926 formation dinner that noted golf course architect Tom Bendelow would be retained by the founding membership group to design and supervise the building of the GLYGC golf course on 128 acres of land. American Park Builders of Chicago, Illinois was also retained to build the golf course under the direction of Mr. Bendelow. The original design concept called for a Par 70 playing to roughly 6,455 yards.

Unfortunately, the financial strain caused by the 1929 Stock Market crash created conditions that only allowed for the completion of 9 holes which today meanders on 70 acres of the original property. There is an additional 58 acres , now known affectionately as “The Back 40”, to the North and East of the current course. In 1991 this portion of the property was protected with a 99 year “Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions” that ensure it will remain open space for potential expansion of the golf course in the future. 

Prominent Country Club Estates resident and developer Arthur Jensen and wife Ruth were fond of saying, “None of us own the land, we are all simply trustees for the next generation”. It is this kind of thoughtfulness and care that makes Country Club Estates a great place to live and enjoy golf.